Monday, 22 October 2012

My Music Monday | week #1

Hello one and all, I'm Georgia and welcome to my brand spanking new blog. Here i'm going to be documenting and sharing my life and loves, mainly based around my fixations of beauty,music, fashion and funnies. To start off with I've decided that every Monday from now on is to be a musical one, for plenty of good reason. #1 I'd rather them be musical that miserable, #2 the songs that I shook my money maker to over the weekend will be fresh in my mind and #3 they both begin with M :). I'm going to share the music I've been loving, new finds and rediscovered ear-candy that I've been munching on all the previous week. So here I go with my first one....wish me luck!!

Most Listened to Artist of the Week: Leddra Chapman

 The lovely, lovely Leddra Chapman. If you don't know, you need to find out and quickly, I hear they are playing her songs on Heart these days. I saw her at secret garden party this year and was blown away by her angelic voice and all round loveliness.  I've since downloaded every song of hers I can find and listen every morning without fail on my dreaded commute into the big smoke. Leddra + a good coffee is the perfect cure for morning monster-ness. Think a female Ed Sheeran meets Joni Mitchell. Songs like Sexy Dizzy and Picking Oranges make me feel like a rosy cheeked young girl in love whilst songs with a sadder note such as Woman and Broken are the most listenable songs of heart break I've heard in a long time. She also has some killer covers on the old YouTube of Sheila and her friend Ed's song give me love. Here's a nice little introductory trio of songs for your listening, you will not regret.

Rediscovered Artist of the Week: Florence + The machine

She never really went away, I just very nearly forgot how amazing she is. I've been listening to both albums in equal amounts this week. My most played songs have to be Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up), My boy builds coffins, Cosmic Love, Shake It Out and What the Water Gave Me.

Newly Discovered Artist of the Week: Ron Pope

Okay I admit I haven't checked out much of his music (yet) but I have fallen in love with a song of his I heard on a youtube video. It's called your the reason I come home. It's a simple and beautiful acoustic song that really struck a cord with me and I will be adding this to my slow dance playlist. 

Teenage Pop Fix of the Week : Taylor Swift- We are Never Ever Getting Back Together

I have spent so long fooling myself, doing what society told me to do and trying my hardest to be 'cool' but I can't do it anymore. I have a big confession to make and I'm making it right here, right now........I am a total teen pop junkie. I don't know why or how but they put something in that music i'm telling you!! And it's infectious like a disease! I've now got my cynical 'too cool 4 school' boyfriend jumping around the kitchen when this one comes on...... it brings pure happiness to my heart and for a few seconds I feel 16 again. 3 words.... Give. Me. More.

Weekly Top Up of Vitamins D and B:  Netsky- Let's Leave Tomorrow

Beautiful, relaxing tune for the hit making whizz kid that is Netsky. Love this whole album, I've been chilling to this song the most... it takes me to another place.

What have you been listening to this week? Let me know if your also loving any of the above.

 Much Love Georgia Paris

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