Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Travel Bag Essentials/ Products I can't live without: Skin Care

Hi Guys, hope you've had a wonderful day! Today I thought I'd share my everyday essentials that I take with me everywhere I stay. I work and stay in the city during the week to avoid a 2 hour daily commute so every Sunday I spend pampering and then packing my case for the week.
This isn't a true 'travel essentials' really as I don't scrimp with what I bring or pack light, just because I'm here more than at home so do go through quite alot and like to use nice things to keep me happy:-)
When I actually unpacked my bag I realise what a ridiculous amount of stuff I have so I will break this up into a few posts......
The 1st being Skincare,this post is my skincare routine as it does't change much when I'm at home. Hopefully soon I'll be organised enough to condense these products down into travel sizes to save luggage space!!
In the mornings I like to use the Neutrogena Blackhead Clearing Daily Scrub. I feel this gets my face ready for my make-up really well and helps to maintain soft exfoliated skin. It's not at all harsh and it does wonders on my blackhead prone skin. Nice and cheap so I have one here and one at home.
I then give my face a quick spritz of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir of which I take my small bottle with me (I'm so peeved these diddy ones can't be refilled!) I'm not sure of what benefit this is to my skin but I love the smell and it really wakes me up in the morning and you know..... old habits die hard.
At the moment I'm using the Ole Henriksen truth serum collagen booster in place of a regular moisturiser. I think it fits the bill better as my super oily skin doesn't need to be moisturised twice a day and it gets my skin nice and smooth for make-up. I had no idea how pricey this was until now!! I got mine in a glossybox, can't yet report if it's worth that much!!
In the evenings I take my make off and clean with the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser. Along with a muslin cloth it take off all my make up off like a dream and feels smoothing and luxurious- a lovely bedtime treat. It's doesn't come with a luxurious price tag that some more often mentioned hot cloth cleaners have and you get a whopping 200mls!! It's for all skin types and I highly recommend. You get one muslin cloth with it but I've tracked down a 10 pack really cheap here.
Every other night I apply Alpha H Liquid Gold. I love what my skin looks like the morning after I've applied this, glowing, clearer and smooth. I switch up my foundation for one with spf the day after as it can make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure.
I'm currently using Weleda Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream to give my skin a moisture boost at the end of a long day- rich and beautiful smelling and in a dinky 5ml tube so perfect for travelling. I pop Etat Pur Salicylic Acid on the odd blemish to clear it quicker.
Let me know if you want to know any more thoughts on the products mentioned and I'll let you know. I'll see you back here for my next travel essentials for haircare.
Much Love
Georgia Paris

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Wednesday Wishlist #2: Dream Beauty Basket

So I didn't set out for it to be this way but this week all of my lust's are beauty products. Maybe it's because I've done quite well at buying a ridiculous amount of chunky jumpers, woolly tights and coats and feel like I'm ready to take on the harsh winter. 

A can never, however, have too many beauty products.....

My skin's been feeling extra congested recently and quite spotty. I've heard a lot about these two origins products and really want to try them. I'm quickly running low on my holy grail BB cream by Ginvera, desperately need to stock up!

My hair has also been quite lack-lustre recently. I want to try the serious conditioner after hearing Zoe from zoella on you tube talk about how good this product is and I was sold once she said it smelt of strawberries and cream. Another YouTube recommendation (haha I'm not impressionable at all!!) comes from Fleur de Force AND So totally vlog and it's for the perfect 10 detangler. A friend of mine also says it's amazing.

My Apple Cider Yankee Candle is nearly finished and I want to try a new rich scent, red velvet sounds right up my street. 

I'm completely obsessed with all lush products but have never before been interested in their gorilla perfumes. That's until I saw this new collection on their website and drew in a sharp breathe. Look how cute those bottles are!! I will definitely be hitting a lush store soon to give them a sniff. I particularly like the look of the little Euphoria bottle at the front.

Hope your having a wonderful Wednesday!

What are your Wednesday Wishes??

Georgia Paris

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Tuesday Teaching's #2: Beliefs vs Behaviour

Hey Guys. This is my shared quote this week. I'm a firm believer in this. I've met a few too many people who look down on other's because they can recite any page in the Bible or Quran. It's a beautiful thing to be committed to a religion in this way but your actions in life and towards others I think speak volumes more than what you know or don't know.

 In my opinion belief or 'faith' is the foundation of your being but it's your behavior that is the brickwork or structure and that's the part that everyone going to see!

"Your beliefs don't make you a better person, your behavior does."

Do you have any quotes you try to live by? I'd love to hear them.

Hope your having a great Tuesday!!

Georgia Paris

Monday, 12 November 2012

Music Monday: Mash Up Mixes- My Favorites Drum and Bass

So I'm back with my third Music Monday. Today's playlist is full of my favorite drum and bass/ jungle mash up, remixes and mini mixes. Enjoy and don't forget to turn up the bass!!

And current long mix.... Savage Rehab Planet V Mix

Hope you've had a great Monday! If not I hope these tunes have lifted your spirits. 

Much Love 

Georgia Paris

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nailed It: Essie Foot Loose- Autumnal with a pinch of Excitement

Just a really quick post to share a new Essie polish that I've just applied and am really excited about wearing.  It's a given to say that I've been into my autumn polish colours recently. Dark reds/burgandys, blacks and even a touch of nude have all my floating my nail varnish boat recently. The only thing was, at the transitional age of 23 (you know when your not quite a teen but not quite a proper adult yet) it was all getting a bit to 'grown up' and dare I say boring?? for me. You might think I'm 'getting in too deep' with my nail polish but I've really missed showing my fun, young and girly side in the summer through my nails but now I think I have found the solution..... Low and behold Essie's Foot Loose. 

It's showing a lot more pink in the picture (sorry guys having issues with my REAL camera). In real life it's more of a purply pink so really fun and a real POP of colour but it's also quite dark (I'd say around three steps away from being vampy) so is definately a good winter colour but with a slight hint of immaturity.... Just the way I like it :-) 

Hope you've had a great day. Thanks for reading.

Georgia Paris

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday's Teachings #1

So every Tuesday I thought it would be nice to share a little quote with my followers that I try and live by. So here's the first....

Hope your having a great Thursday!
Much Love
Georgia Paris

Face Of The Day: Tuesday 6th November 2012

Happy Tuesday Guys!! Don't you just love the smell on bonfire lingering in the air today? Lucky for me I have the day off today. I've got my big hoodie and fluffy slippers on meaning I am not leaving the house for a good few hours. i'm currently enjoying a bottomless cup of tea. 

I had a bit of extra time to play around with my make up today and thought I would share with you. I do apologize for my current standard of photography. I have lost my camera charger so am relying on my Iphone, all will be well tomorrow though as there is a new one in the post. Don't judge me just yet!!

Found some links for you if your interested in any of the products. Some of these are my favourites that I use most days. Let me know if you like these kinds of posts in the comments!!
 And of course have a wonderful day! 
Georgia Paris

Monday, 5 November 2012

Music Mondays # 2 : Smooth Basslines

I done nothing but chill out this weekend, here's some lovely soothing songs I was enjoying. Top tip, turn up the bass....

Georgia Paris

October Favorites: Make Up and Skincare

So my concentration is being blurred by the many explosive bangs outside my window along with a shaking
and whimpering dog sitting next to me. This can only mean it is the 5th of November or as we call here in the UK Guy Fawkes or Firework night. I thought, since I have no elaborate plans that involve rockets or gun powder tonight I would sit down and share with you my first ever list of monthly favorites.

I'm a big fan of these posts and always thought it would be an easy one to put together (you know just pick your most tinkled with and stared at products) but I was very wrong. I think your first one of these post will always be difficult because it's hard to narrow it down to THIS months lovings when there are SO many products that I love more and have been using for years but have never shared with you.

So these are the products that I'm loving this month that I didn't either love or even own last month. I hope you enjoy..... I was thinking about sharing a post with my top 10, desert island packing kind of beauty post if your interested.

So this months make up bag favourites are led by two 'killer combos'. The first being face base related......

Sorry about the upside-down-ness of the pic I can't work out how to fix it but I'm sure you get the gist.

 I've recently been breaking out quite badly and instead of layer caking the foundation on, I decided to take two steps back (to go forward) and switch it up to a much lighter base to let me skin breathe. I think it's been abit suffocated since I bought Revlon's Colour Stay Foundation and it's certainly glad of the Ginvera BB cream glorious return. The real techniques stippling brush is it's perfect side kick. I should of know I would come back with my tail between my legs. This stuff is so light yet such good coverage and today I have been told multiple times how fresh my skin looked. All 4 comments funnily used the same word. So yeah.... fresh to death.... and pretty pleased about it. I'm glad to have found this at a much cheaper price as well on the old EBay. Follow my linkin's if you want to big up and buy this BB! One size fits all!

I'm loving the Kate Moss for rimmel lipsticks are have been visiting every boots and superdrug I pass to track down this shade that seem to be VERY sought after atm. It's from the new matte range and is the shade 107, if you read alot of blogs I'm sure you would of seen it talked about. It's a perfect deep rasberry/ plum, almost tip-toeing into the relms of the vampish shades. It's fulfilled all my autumn lips desires and is SO wearable. What makes me even happier with this purchase is the perfect matching lip liner (MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in Brooding Plum) cost me a quid. Lovely colour, lovely formulation, lovely packing, lovely price.. enough said.

This daily scrub is and old favourite that I went back to last month. As I said I have broke out abit recently, I blame new n one budging foundation so I went back to something I know works well for me. To be honest I don't know why I ever go elsewhere for my face cleaning needs, this stuff is my safety net, my security blanket if you will. With my super oily and congested skin black are my enemy no. 1 and I love the whole daily scrubbing thingy, it just works for me. It's also cheap and 3 for 2 atm so I'm going to be truly faithful for now.
I've wanted to buy a MAC paintpot for a while now but couldn't justify it when you can three of these bad boys for the same price. I'm really pleased with this decision. Three beautiful shades that I've been getting my use out of. The matte colour is permanently taupe and compliments a bold lip perfectly, you can sheer it out so it's not as dark as appears in the pot and it creates really subtle definition and is perfect for a work face.

The other two colours (eternal gold and on and on bronze) no one can go wrong with. They are beautifully shimmery without being glittering. They apply really smooth and last all day on there own or with powder shadow over the top. Also another 3 for 2 purchase.

I got this salon size bottle of liquid gold at the beginning of last month and have added it to my evening skin care routine. It's a skin treatment that is to be used every other night. I really notice the different when i wake up after a 'gold night', it's soft glowing and somehow clearer looking. The smell is a bit off putting, like Jack Daniels and licorice but I think but the effect is oh so worth it.

The little gadget (if you can call it that) has opened up the big wide world of nail polish for me. I have a job that I can't wear nail polish to so never really bother as taking it off was such a laborious task and I have a thing about cotton wool (does anyone else out there have the same problem?!). But those days are over and I'm know a slave for nail polish. My collection has vastly expanded and I've even been getting into a bit of nail art, and it's all because it now takes me 2 minutes to take it off. I just throw this in my handbag and can take it off right before I start work, time and panic spared. This is lasting a lot longer than I thought it would also.

I've been getting in the holiday spirit (yes already) with my ultimate winter scent... Yankee candles' Apple cider. Yum yum yum.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comments and the products that you've been loving the past month.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

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Friday, 2 November 2012

My Autumn Bucket List: Activity- The Woods and Zombies!!

So the next installment of my autumn photo bucket list is........

I love taking my doggy Flynn to his favourite place and it's quicker becoming my favourite place to go aswell.   As you can see from the pictures this place looks SPECTACULAR in the autumn. I can never stop him jumping in the river, everytime!! No matter how cold it is. Crazy Dawg!

I didn't have any special plans for Halloween but wanted to try some Zombie makeup. This is what I acheived with PVA glue, tissue paper and a 120-color eyeshadow palette.....
Scary huh? Thank God he doesn't look like this all the time...

Hope you like. What fun activities have you been doing this autumn. Share in the comments, I'd love to hear!!

My Autumn Bucket List: Outfit

Welcome to part 3 of my autumn bucket list. This is a blogger link up I'm taking part in hosted by the lovely Marie from picklebeanbooks. Today I'll be sharing my favourite Autumn outfit. 

I've got a bit OTT with clothes buying the last two months, it's my favourite season to dress for and I just LOVE everything that's in the shops. There have also been a good few sales flying around aswell.

The reddy plum tee I got for 99p second hand on EBay. The lady I bought it from cut the neckline herself and I love it because it can be worn as a scoop neck or off the shoulder.

The skirt I've had for a while, it's from H & M. I love the gold zip detail, it really compliments the cardi and 'holds me in' at all the right places,

I have been eyeing this river island cardigan up for a good while now but held off buying it because of the price tag (£40 I think!). I put it down to fate when I saw just one, in my size, sitting in a lonely spot of the store reduced to £20. How could I not re-home such a vulnerable piece of clothing?!

I also splurged on this TO DIE FOR Zara coat with leather waist coat style. At £119 (cringe!!) it is the most expensive thing I've bought in a very long time. I do think I'll be a good few winters out of it though and I'm still swooning every time I look at it. Plus wearing this somehow makes me feel really grown up.

Last but definitely not least is my Burgundy snood. I'm obsessed with Burgundy, I'm obsessed with wool snoods, at £5 from Primark picking this up was a no-brainer. Especially since I had my eye on the identical one from Monki that is more than 3* the price. I've been wearing this everyday and had a huge rant with my sister when she sneakily took it to work one day. (Makes mental note to buy in every colour)

Hope you like. What have your favourite purchases been this autumn??

Much Love
Georgia Paris

Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Autumn Bucket List:Make-up- Warm Rustic Smokey Eyes

Okay so here goes the second installment for Marie's Autumn Bucket List blogger link-up. Next I'm going to do my favorite autumn.... Makeup!!

The main focus of this look was a really warm reddy-brown smokey eye. I think this is the first time I've ever played around with red eye shadow and it's my new fave look for this time of year. I really think it makes my blue eyes stand out more. Win!

The swatches from left to right are urban decay half baked, a mixture if colours from my ebay 120 colour pallette, and urban decay hustle and smog mixed.

I started with my shadow so I could correct the nasty drop down I always get. First I prepped the eyes with a brown creme shadow from Jemma Kidd in the shade Premiere. This is an unmissable step me as my eyelids are so damn oily!

I then swept urban decays' half baked shadow from my naked palette all over the lid and up to the crease. I added the mixture of red and purple colors from the Ebay palette on the outer half of my lids and up into the crease, being sure to blend this out nicely. I then went in with the darker brown through the crease and blended this out. I also added a mix of the reds and brown to the bottom lash line for extra definition.

I used a plum eyeliner on the outer corner. I thought this would be a different way to define the lash line and it suited the purple tones in the shadows. I urban decay Bourbon Pencil to the waterline and lots of brown mascara.

I done my base with my foundation of the moment... Revlon Colour Stay in Natural Beige  I then concealed my unsightly areas with Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer in 2 light and concealed my optical baggage with Benefits' Erase Paste in No.1.  

I stuck with a warmer tone blush from another Ebay blush palette I have. I know I'm a cheapo!!

The last step was lippy. I thought my Revlon Lip Butter in Peach Parfait was the perfect shade as it's not at all dramatic (being only a touch lighter than my natural lip color) but has a beautiful gold sheen in it. The added bonus is it's super moisturizing  so that crisp autumn breeze doesn't chap your lips!!

Hope you liked this look and can try it soon.

Much Love

My Autumn Bucket List- Glitter Tree Pumpkin Decor

my autumn fall bucket list

Autumn is here, my favorite season and I'm a happier girl for it, after all it is the best excuse one could want to buy new clothes, eat comforting foods and pamper yourself that little bit more. 

When I saw Louise from a sprinkle of glitter was taking part in a autumn bucket list blogger link up I couldn't refuse, especially after checking out her friend Marie's gorgeous blog. So here is part one of my autumn bucket list. 

I'm gonna go from the bottom up just to be unconventional....the first thing I'm going to cover is.....

I love the ritual of once of year, staying in on those dark-too-early nights and with your best attempt at being creative carving out a pumpkin.

 Usually I'll go for a angry eyebrows or scary skeletal kind of look but I've always had a bug bare. I put all this time and effort into creating a masterpiece that will, in a few days... be moldy piece of veg sitting by the fire.... smelling. 

So this year I just wasn't going to fall for it (no pun intended).

I decided that if I didn't open the pumpkin (or cut into it) I wouldn't go nasty so fast. 

Yes this is kind of cheating with the whole pumpkin idea but I was so pleased with the outcome which is still really pretty two weeks after making it. 

It's also more autumn themed rather than Halloween so it's an appropriate piece of autumn decor for longer.

To do this I drew the outline of a leaf-less tree with a thin marker. I filled small sections of the tree with PVA glue and sprinkled the brown glitter over the area while the glue is still wet. I used three different shades of glitter to give the tree dimension . I cleaned up the edges with a ear bud to get the sharp lines and then moved onto the next part of the tree!

I found these appropriately colored sequins in pound land and glued them on individually to represent the golden brown fallen leaves!

Hope you like it and can try it out yourselves!!

Lots of Love