Monday, 5 November 2012

October Favorites: Make Up and Skincare

So my concentration is being blurred by the many explosive bangs outside my window along with a shaking
and whimpering dog sitting next to me. This can only mean it is the 5th of November or as we call here in the UK Guy Fawkes or Firework night. I thought, since I have no elaborate plans that involve rockets or gun powder tonight I would sit down and share with you my first ever list of monthly favorites.

I'm a big fan of these posts and always thought it would be an easy one to put together (you know just pick your most tinkled with and stared at products) but I was very wrong. I think your first one of these post will always be difficult because it's hard to narrow it down to THIS months lovings when there are SO many products that I love more and have been using for years but have never shared with you.

So these are the products that I'm loving this month that I didn't either love or even own last month. I hope you enjoy..... I was thinking about sharing a post with my top 10, desert island packing kind of beauty post if your interested.

So this months make up bag favourites are led by two 'killer combos'. The first being face base related......

Sorry about the upside-down-ness of the pic I can't work out how to fix it but I'm sure you get the gist.

 I've recently been breaking out quite badly and instead of layer caking the foundation on, I decided to take two steps back (to go forward) and switch it up to a much lighter base to let me skin breathe. I think it's been abit suffocated since I bought Revlon's Colour Stay Foundation and it's certainly glad of the Ginvera BB cream glorious return. The real techniques stippling brush is it's perfect side kick. I should of know I would come back with my tail between my legs. This stuff is so light yet such good coverage and today I have been told multiple times how fresh my skin looked. All 4 comments funnily used the same word. So yeah.... fresh to death.... and pretty pleased about it. I'm glad to have found this at a much cheaper price as well on the old EBay. Follow my linkin's if you want to big up and buy this BB! One size fits all!

I'm loving the Kate Moss for rimmel lipsticks are have been visiting every boots and superdrug I pass to track down this shade that seem to be VERY sought after atm. It's from the new matte range and is the shade 107, if you read alot of blogs I'm sure you would of seen it talked about. It's a perfect deep rasberry/ plum, almost tip-toeing into the relms of the vampish shades. It's fulfilled all my autumn lips desires and is SO wearable. What makes me even happier with this purchase is the perfect matching lip liner (MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in Brooding Plum) cost me a quid. Lovely colour, lovely formulation, lovely packing, lovely price.. enough said.

This daily scrub is and old favourite that I went back to last month. As I said I have broke out abit recently, I blame new n one budging foundation so I went back to something I know works well for me. To be honest I don't know why I ever go elsewhere for my face cleaning needs, this stuff is my safety net, my security blanket if you will. With my super oily and congested skin black are my enemy no. 1 and I love the whole daily scrubbing thingy, it just works for me. It's also cheap and 3 for 2 atm so I'm going to be truly faithful for now.
I've wanted to buy a MAC paintpot for a while now but couldn't justify it when you can three of these bad boys for the same price. I'm really pleased with this decision. Three beautiful shades that I've been getting my use out of. The matte colour is permanently taupe and compliments a bold lip perfectly, you can sheer it out so it's not as dark as appears in the pot and it creates really subtle definition and is perfect for a work face.

The other two colours (eternal gold and on and on bronze) no one can go wrong with. They are beautifully shimmery without being glittering. They apply really smooth and last all day on there own or with powder shadow over the top. Also another 3 for 2 purchase.

I got this salon size bottle of liquid gold at the beginning of last month and have added it to my evening skin care routine. It's a skin treatment that is to be used every other night. I really notice the different when i wake up after a 'gold night', it's soft glowing and somehow clearer looking. The smell is a bit off putting, like Jack Daniels and licorice but I think but the effect is oh so worth it.

The little gadget (if you can call it that) has opened up the big wide world of nail polish for me. I have a job that I can't wear nail polish to so never really bother as taking it off was such a laborious task and I have a thing about cotton wool (does anyone else out there have the same problem?!). But those days are over and I'm know a slave for nail polish. My collection has vastly expanded and I've even been getting into a bit of nail art, and it's all because it now takes me 2 minutes to take it off. I just throw this in my handbag and can take it off right before I start work, time and panic spared. This is lasting a lot longer than I thought it would also.

I've been getting in the holiday spirit (yes already) with my ultimate winter scent... Yankee candles' Apple cider. Yum yum yum.

I hope you liked this post. Let me know in the comments and the products that you've been loving the past month.

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