Thursday, 1 November 2012

My Autumn Bucket List- Glitter Tree Pumpkin Decor

my autumn fall bucket list

Autumn is here, my favorite season and I'm a happier girl for it, after all it is the best excuse one could want to buy new clothes, eat comforting foods and pamper yourself that little bit more. 

When I saw Louise from a sprinkle of glitter was taking part in a autumn bucket list blogger link up I couldn't refuse, especially after checking out her friend Marie's gorgeous blog. So here is part one of my autumn bucket list. 

I'm gonna go from the bottom up just to be unconventional....the first thing I'm going to cover is.....

I love the ritual of once of year, staying in on those dark-too-early nights and with your best attempt at being creative carving out a pumpkin.

 Usually I'll go for a angry eyebrows or scary skeletal kind of look but I've always had a bug bare. I put all this time and effort into creating a masterpiece that will, in a few days... be moldy piece of veg sitting by the fire.... smelling. 

So this year I just wasn't going to fall for it (no pun intended).

I decided that if I didn't open the pumpkin (or cut into it) I wouldn't go nasty so fast. 

Yes this is kind of cheating with the whole pumpkin idea but I was so pleased with the outcome which is still really pretty two weeks after making it. 

It's also more autumn themed rather than Halloween so it's an appropriate piece of autumn decor for longer.

To do this I drew the outline of a leaf-less tree with a thin marker. I filled small sections of the tree with PVA glue and sprinkled the brown glitter over the area while the glue is still wet. I used three different shades of glitter to give the tree dimension . I cleaned up the edges with a ear bud to get the sharp lines and then moved onto the next part of the tree!

I found these appropriately colored sequins in pound land and glued them on individually to represent the golden brown fallen leaves!

Hope you like it and can try it out yourselves!!

Lots of Love

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