Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Nailed It: Essie Foot Loose- Autumnal with a pinch of Excitement

Just a really quick post to share a new Essie polish that I've just applied and am really excited about wearing.  It's a given to say that I've been into my autumn polish colours recently. Dark reds/burgandys, blacks and even a touch of nude have all my floating my nail varnish boat recently. The only thing was, at the transitional age of 23 (you know when your not quite a teen but not quite a proper adult yet) it was all getting a bit to 'grown up' and dare I say boring?? for me. You might think I'm 'getting in too deep' with my nail polish but I've really missed showing my fun, young and girly side in the summer through my nails but now I think I have found the solution..... Low and behold Essie's Foot Loose. 

It's showing a lot more pink in the picture (sorry guys having issues with my REAL camera). In real life it's more of a purply pink so really fun and a real POP of colour but it's also quite dark (I'd say around three steps away from being vampy) so is definately a good winter colour but with a slight hint of immaturity.... Just the way I like it :-) 

Hope you've had a great day. Thanks for reading.

Georgia Paris


  1. Hey girl! So glad you got to come over and link up with my new link up Not Quite There Yet. I have been meeting and reconnecting with lots of bloggers just like yourself that I have lots in common with! Next Thursday we will be back linking up our Twitter accounts!

    Talk to ya soon,

  2. I love that colour :) It does seem fun!